Dr. Ulrich Weilnhammer

Degree in Physics
Postgraduate studies in business management, doctorate in economics
Certified Systemic Coach

Ulrich Weilnhammer is a scientist, manager, and coach. In addition to 11 years of leadership responsibility as managing director, board member, owner, and interim manager, he has nine years of experience as a consultant and coach.

For Dr. Weilnhammer, the key to successful business development is liberating the potential of the organization and individuals. His consulting focus is therefore not only on strategy, sales, and efficiency management, but also on change management and organizational development.

Dr. Weilnhammer draws his enthusiasm from respect for people’s skills and performance that he sees in his projects. His sports interests are scuba diving, skiing, and riding motorcycles. His family, coaching, and making music with his band are the major sources of his energy.