Dr. Alois Maichel

Doctorate Degree and Diploma Degree in Political Science (Bavarian School of Public Policy)
Diploma Degree in Business Administration (FOM School for Economy and Management)

Taking responsibility early on: that’s how you could summarize Dr. Maichel’s career path to date. At age 22 he started the “Cross-Over Team” foundation to promote the talents of young people, which still exists today. Important milestones in Dr. Maichel’s career include work as commercial manager of a trading company with global operations and, before that, commercial manager of a location belonging to an international hotel chain. He was a consultant at SSC from the very beginning and can now look back at many years of project experience in the areas of strategy, sales, and finance.

Dr. Maichel’s style combines goal-orientation, analytical skills, and practical business sense. His clients experience him as a shaper who enjoys actively driving projects forward with a high level of client benefit. His communicative and motivating approach helps him to draw employees in and thereby to develop truly “feasible” initiatives.

In addition to his professional career, Dr. Maichel is involved with charity work for disadvantaged children and youth in the area surrounding his home town in Upper Bavaria. His passion for soccer rounds out his time.