Philipp Schwarz

Master’s degree in Finance and Economics (Oxford University)
Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (Warwick University)

Philipp Schwarz was drawn to the international arena from the beginning. The Munich native spent over 10 years in England, the United Arab Emirates, and India. After studying in Oxford und Warwick, he began his career as a consultant with a well-known management consulting firm in Dubai. He subsequently founded his own startup company in Mumbai and successfully built it up for four years before resettling back in Munich. His rich experience contributes to his consulting focus at SSC: marketing, sales, internationalization, and technology and digitization are his areas.

As a businessman with years of experience, Philipp Schwarz knows the problem areas when it comes to strategy development and implementation. He also knows how important and helpful an objective view from outside can be. His clients value his analytical abilities just as they do the passion and empathy he brings to their joint projects.